Professional Yoga Instructor

Yoga Studio in Thousand Oaks, CA

Are you searching for a professional yoga instructor in Thousand Oaks, CA? Look no further than The Neighborhood Yoga. Our resident expert, Tammy Finnerty, offers different classes that focus on personalized instruction. She teaches Vinyasa flow and other contemporary styles of yoga.

Tammy Finnerty

About Our Yoga Instructor

Tammy has been practicing and teaching yoga for over a decade. She has traveled around the world and studied with many renowned teachers. She holds certificates in Yin Yoga, Therapeutic Yoga, Power Vinyasa Flow Style Yoga, Vipassana Meditation, and considers her practice an eclectic blend of all of her studies and life experiences.

She also holds an Ayurvedic Health Education Certificate from The California College of Ayurvedic and offers private consultations as well as blending this wisdom into her classes. She is passionate about cooking healthy food, going to farmers markets to source out the freshest local food, mountain biking, hiking, sailing, travel, and spending time having meaningful conversations.

She offers private yoga lessons as well as group classes and has helped many people heal from sports injuries, back pain, anxiety, depression, loss, and divorce. In addition to this, she has helped support students who are coping with ALS, MS, cancer, and other forms of physical challenges.

She cares deeply about each one of her students and teaches more than just the physical aspects of yoga. Her goal is to empower her students to cultivate an inner freedom, to heal, and find strength from the inside out. It’s never about the poses and is always about the practice.